The Norwegian Veterans Association for International Operations (NVIO)
is a non-political and volunteer organisation for military personnel having participated in international operations, their dependents, and others who support NVIOs work. NVIO is Norways largest organisation for veterans from international operations, with close to 7 700 members, and 57 local associations all over Norway (as of June 2012). NVIO is engaged in extensive work among veterans with problems. in addition to organising meetings for members, and being a professional organisation for all veterans from operations abroad, and their dependents, working to improve rules and regulations pertaining to veterans affairs.

Meet other veterans
Experiences and memories from the military service is an important part of life for many veterans; it is important to share these with other veterans. NVIOs local associations make this possible by organising meetings and other activities.

On behalf of The Armed Forces Veterans Administration, many of NVIOs local associations conduct monthly veteran gatherings for all veterans, independent of membership, serving pizza or another simple meal.


The members of NVIO stood shoulder by shoulder while serving. NVIO is striving to ensure that the veterans always have a supporting shoulder within reach. Even though the vast majority do well after serving abroad, some veterans struggle with physical problems and psychological reactions as a result of their service. Nobody can determine in advance who will be stricken, how and to what degree.

NVIO has established dedicated services to assist all veterans – independent of membership. Buddy support cannot offer treatment, it offers support and advice from another veteran, someone who understands what you are talking about. This can be done anonymously through our web based service, through our buddy support phone service +47 800 48 500, or with a partner. The two last services are available 24 hrs per day, year round, while responses from may be delayed for up to 48 hrs.